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Baikal tunnel
Construction date February 1977-March 1981
Placed into commission December 1985
Constructors Tunnel division №12
Tunnel division №19
Tunnel division №21
Length of tunnel
Auxiliary performance
6 685,6 m
7 642,5 m
Tunnel section 65 m2
Location East Siberian railway
Location map Baikal tunnel

General information

Baikal tunnel passes Baikal ridge under saddle of Davan passage on the boundary of Buryatiya and Irkutsk region, 80 km to the west of Nizhneangarsk.

The construction is situated in rock ground (granite, granodiorite) with strength from 2 to 10 on the scale of professor Protodiakov and with numerous zones of tectonic fractures with capacity to 100 metres and more. Seismic activity – 8-9 points. In tectonic zones the ground is damaged to the condition of landwaste and rock debris. The onflow to the face is up to 200 m.3 per hour

Advanced transport-drainage service tunnel with cross-section from 17 to 24 m2 was constructed for the adjustment of geotechnical conditions, water depression and execution of ground consolidation work. Horizontal exploratory boring to the depth of 250 m was performed from the face of service tunnel. There is air shaft in the middle of tunnel.

There is very complicated ventilating system and hot conditioning in the Baikal tunnel. The technology of locking (train approaches entrance - gates open; train goes out – gates close) was first used for Baikal tunnel construction. Such system allows saving energy in tunnel heating. Process automated control system is used in this tunnel – all the processes are controlled by computer with the help of transducers. This system was developed by Novosibirsk geophysical instrument engineering institution of Siberian Department of Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation.

Baikal tunnel
Baikal tunnel
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